» MGA – RIP from the Gold Coast circumnavigates the World

1 June 2016, after leaving Tianjin, China in May 2010, RIP, Red Car and Navy Car have done it!

They have successfully circumnavigated the globe…

RIP&othersWhat a wonderful, and sometimes exhausting, time the occupants have had too!

From China to the ‘Stan’s and Iran and Turkey; also South, Central and North Africa; and last year, South, Central and North America  and now Canada, our trusty Classic MGs have carried us, out luggage, our tools and spare parts over every road-condition possible, with relatively few major breakdowns or incidents!

Who says Classic MGs aren’t reliable? As a group? We have proved it!  These 3 MGs have travelled a total of approximately 210000km in the past 5 years. Add to that the distances the other MG Adventurers have clocked up and it approximates around 550,000km. Very impressive, in my book!

I would like to thank my long-suffering wife, Laurel, for sitting beside me through rain, hail, snow and heat and allowing met o enjoy the elements without a hood! I would also like to thank the Aussie Adventurers (also the UK and South African Adventurers) for the help they have offered and for the good times had in all sorts of circumstances. I would also like to thank Mark at Classic Car Clinic for helping prepare RIP for her adventures. Lastly, I would like to thank the many, many people we have met along the way who have welcomed us, assisted us and laughed with us.

It has truly been a wonderful 12 years since acquiring RIP!

Long may the MG Marque bring happiness to the masses around the world!

Dave Godwin

Proud member of the International MG Family!

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