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The Club’s magazine The Time Machine is published bi-monthly, with copy deadline is the 10th of the second month. As the magazine is printed in A5 format, best viewing on the internet is at 75%. Copies of editions (in PDF format) are available by selecting an edition below:

June – July 2017 (2Mb pdf)

April-May 2017 (3Mb pdf)

February – March 2017 (2Mb pdf)

December 2016 – January 2017 (3Mb pdf)

October-November 2016 (3Mb pdf)

August-September 2016 (2Mb pdf)

June-July 2016 (3Mb pdf)

April-May 2016 (3Mb pdf)

February-March 2016 (2Mb pdf)

December 2015 – January 2016 (3Mb pdf)

October-November 2015  (5Mb pdf)

August-September 2015 (1.7Mb pdf)

June-July 2015  (1Mb pdf)

April-May 2015 (Part 1) (Part 2)  (1Mb each)

February-March 2015 (2Mb)

December-January 2015 (2Mb)

October-November 2014 (front half) ( 1.5Mb) back half (1.43Mb)

August-September 2014 (1st half) (1Mb) Back half (1Mb)

June-July 2014 (NM14 extract) (1Mb)

April-May 2014 (1st half) (1.5Mb) 2nd half (0.8Mb)

February – March 2014 (1.77Mb)

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