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 About the Gold Coast MG Car Club

A group of MG enthusiasts formed the Gold Coast MG Car Club Inc. (GCMGCC) in April 1976 as a single marque club to be based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. The club was primarily formed to provide social style events, catering for a group of members who seek to enjoy their MG vehicles.

Although the GCMGCC is constituted under Queensland state legislation, a number of members reside across the border in New South Wales.

The GCMGCC is recognised by both Queensland and NSW State Government Transport Departments, enabling members to register their 30 year old MGs on Concessional or Conditional Registration.

In June 2015, with the passing of a new Constitution, the club membership was opened to all people (not just owners) who have a continuing interest in the MG marque.

From humble beginnings the club today has a membership in excess of 300 members. The GCMGCC is a non-profit organisation affiliated with the MG Car Club UK, other MG Car Clubs within Australia and CAMS. Club members have a variety of MG models covering production years of manufacture from pre-war to RV8’s, MGF’s, Z type and recently MG3, MG6 and MG GS saloons.