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Club Documents


The club adopted a Constitution in 1976, when it was originally formed.  The Constitution was revised in 1999.

In 2014, the Club’s Management Committee decided that a major revision was needed to make the Constitution more relevant some 40 years after the Club’s formation.  As a result of discussions, it was decided a completely new Constitution was needed.

During 2015, the Club adopted a new Constitution which met the Queensland Government Regulation requirements.

Click the image (to the left) or the link above to download the Constitution (in pdf).


The Management Committee, following the adoption of the new Constitution in 2015, decided to update the club By-Laws which govern how the club runs and the duties of Committee members.

The By-laws have subsequently been updated numerous times.  The latest version is dated February 2023.

A copy of the current By-Laws can be downloaded (as pdf) by clicking on image to the left or this link.