Concessional & Conditional Registration

Members of the Gold Coast MG Car Club are able to apply, depending in which state you reside, for either the Queensland Special Interest Vehicle Concessional Registration or the NSW Historic Vehicles Conditional Registration.

Both Schemes are only available for vehicles over 30 years of age, as from the date of manufacture.

Both Schemes allow owners of classic and special interest vehicles to obtain concessional/conditional registration for their vehicle(s), subject to certain restrictions on the use of these vehicles, as outlined on the respective websites and summarised below, which is reflected in the reduced registration fees and compulsory third party insurance premium. All applicants for concessional/conditional registration must be a member of a recognised motoring club.

Both schemes allow members to travel interstate in their vehicles, subject to the member abiding by the runs of the state where the vehicle is registered. 

Members who wish to participate in either scheme, need to contact the Membership Secretary / Dating Officer so the vehicle can be inspected to enable the Club to provide the Member with authorisation to the respective State Government Department.


Special Interest Vehicle (SIV) Concessional Registration

The GCMGCC is an authorised Club for the SIV Concessional Registration. The following is a summary of allowable use:

  • participate in club runs and events,
  • exhibit at displays, fetes or similar functions conducted for religious, charitable or educational purposes,
  • for ceremonial purposes (such as weddings, formals, funerals) involving immediate and de facto family members,
  • preparing for, proceeding to, and returning from the above activities,
  • direct travel to and from an approved inspection station,
  • travel in order to have the vehicle repaired, and
  • road testing within a 15km radius from the place where the vehicle is garaged or is being repaired

Please read the Dept website for the all the information concerning SIV Concessional Registration

New South Wales

Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS)

NSW is currently trialing a Classic Vehicle Log Book trial which allows classic vehicles to be used for 60 days of general use (ie maintenance and personal use) each year, outside of club organised events. Each day’s use must be recorded in a log book issued at a registry or service centre. The GCMGCC is a recognised club for the trial.

Members who do not want to participate in the Log Book Trial are required to observe the following allowable uses:

  • participate in club runs and events,
  • participate in runs and events organised by other clubs or community organisations, provided an official invitation has been received and recorded by the GCMGCC,
  • servicing within a short distance from their place of garaging,
  • the inspection of the vehicle, and
  • for passenger transport for weddings or other functions, subject to approval of the club,

Please read the Dept website for the all the information concerning HVS Conditional Registration