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2024 MG National Meeting

These are a great opportunity to catch up with, or meet other like minded MG enthusiasts from around Australia. Competitions are very much part of this fun time and the spoils go to the shiniest, fastest and most agile of the classes. State pride is also at stake with hot competition on points of each state’s competitors for the overall trophies.

Fun events include Motorkhana’s, Observation runs, Speed events and of course Concours de Elegance!

Our Gold Coast Club always participates, although this year the numbers attending are very low. 

The MG Car Club Sydney is hosting the 2024 MG National Meeting over the Easter weekend (March 29 to 2 April 2024) in Tamworth.  The Nat Meet website is here.

The MGCC of SA has issued a number of Bulletins, which can be found on the website.

Some previous MG National Meetings Logos