Impromptu Events

The Queensland Special Interest Vehicle (SIV) Concessional Scheme allows club members to use their SIV  for certain defined purposes, and for events endorsed by the Club.

The purpose of this page is to facilitate Impromptu Events / Runs for current GCMGCC financial members.  Please ensure that you use your vehicle within the SIV Concessional Scheme guidelines, which can be viewed at this page.

By submitting an Impromptu Event / Run Notification, you are initiating an invitation to the wider club membership to attend the event with you.

Not long after submitting an Impromptu Event / Run Notification, an authorisation will be emailed to you at the email address provided. It is suggested GCMGCC members carry either a printed or electronic copy of the email with them.

The GCMGCC is not responsible for any incidents that may occur on the Impromptu Event / Run. The GCMGCC is simply providing a platform for our members to submit their Impromptu Event to comply with the Special Interest Vehicle Concessional Scheme guidelines.

The following Impromptu Events (runs) have been registered by the GCMGCC.  Only proposed runs and those within the past month are listed.

Click the appropriate Impromptu Run title, for more details of that listed Impromptu Event (run). To return to this page from the Run details page, use the Back arrow. Click here to submit a new Impromptu Event.

If your Impromptu Run isn’t listed, (1) first refresh /reload the page; (2) check your email to confirm that your membership # and email address are correct; and (3) then contact the webmaster by email.

EventOrganiserStart Date
Impromptu Run: November 11th, 2023Howard Dewhirst2023-11-11